Asset managers

Sociétés de gestion

Faced with increased competition, pressing client needs and declining margins asset management companies must increase their service levels, to maintain and gain new market share.

EnvestBoard offers an end to end platform co-constructed with asset managers to industrialize fund portfolio construction and accelerate fund promotion.   


1. Advice construction

  • Create easily customized portfolios to suit your customer needs.
  • Automate portfolio monitoring.
  • Support and follow the sale of portfolio.
  • Sustainable finance.
  • Financial saving schemes.
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Build in a few clicks a robust advice in line with your client's needs.

Sociétés de gestion

2. Accelerate the sale of your products 


  • Share qualitative data with your clients.
  • Facilitate understanding of their added values at the time of selection.
  • Illustration in scenario.
  • Collaborative sales support with recipients.


  • Objectivize your sales pitch.
  • Contextualize the presentation of your funds in your clients’ allocation.
  • Present your funds in different market scenarios.

Make it easy to understand your products to speed up their sale.