Enhance your fund advice value

Intuitive platform that provides a unique client experience to simplify your mutual fund advice construction, sales and tracking.

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Independent advisors

Family Offices, Financial Advisors and Intermediary.

Private Banks

Savings Advisors, Wealth and Asset Management Advisors, Solution Engineers, Fund Selectors.


Fund Selectors, Financial Engineers


Asset managers

Solution Engineers, Client Managers, Sales, Product Specialists.

Simplify the advice construction

Intelligent fund search and portfolio construction engine

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In 10 minutes, find the best funds and build the portfolio best suited to the client’s risk profile.

Ease the advice

Intuitive performance & risk simulator beyond historical data

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In 5 minutesillustrate the financial savings plan projection, its historical behaviour and future scenario risk.

Automate tracking
& reporting

Fully automated tracking and first class design reporting

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Within 1 click, visualize the tracking, send the regulatory and client reporting automatically. 

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