Independent advisors

(Family Office, Financial advisors & Intermediary)

Conseillers indépendants

The independent financial advisor‘s job is changing. Faced with the growing need to understand their clients and the omnipresent regulatory obligations, independent advisors need to rely on the tools of the digital revolution. 


EnvestBoard offers a platform co-created with IFAs, family offices and private bankers to enhance the value of the advice and to gain in efficiency for the three key stages of financial advice :

  • Advice construction
  • Advice explanation
  • Advice tracking

1. Advice construction

Facilitate fund selection and portfolio construction based on customer need and your vision. 

  • Geography
  • Sector and theme 
  • Risk profile
  • Sustainable finance 
  • Financial Saving Schemes / Ordinary Securities account
Conseillers indépendants

Build in a few clicks a robust advice in line with your client's needs.

2. Advice explanation

Simplify the explanation of your advice with charts and illustration

  • Savings plan projection 
  • Illustration in scenario
Suitability report

  • Investment objective and client project
  • Suitability with the client’s risk profile 
Sociétés de gestion

Simplify the pedagogy of your advice to increase your sales.

3. Advice tracking

Perfect your client’s experience

  • Unprecedented class reporting
  • Help in selling new proposals (arbitration)
  • Risk warning
    • change in risk profile
    • fund and portfolio performance
Sociétés de gestion

Simplify, justify, monitorate and automate your advice proposal and advice tracking.