Private Banks 


Private banks are facing a turning point; how to capture the largest generational wealth transfer in history while dealing with new digital natives competitors and increasing regulatory pressure. 

EnvestBoard offers an end to end platform co-created with private bankers to increase advisor value and gain efficiencies for the three key stages of financial advice: building, explaining and tracking. 


1. Advice construction

– Easily create customized portfolios to meet client needs   

– Industrialize portfolio tracking  

– Accompany and follow the sale of the portfolio

Conseillers indépendants

Build And follow robust guidance in line with your client's need.

2. Enhance the quality of your advice and save time 

 – Simplify and personalize the explanation of the advice through illustration 

  • External portfolio diagnosis  
  • Past performance and savings plan projection of the proposed advice 
  • Illustration in scenario 
  • Collaborative sales support with beneficiaries

– Suitability report  

  • Investment objective and client project
  • Client risk profile 
Sociétés de gestion

Simplify your consulting to increase your education and sales.

3.  Monitor your advice

– Perfect your client’s experience

  • Reporting 
  • Help in selling new advice 
  • Risk warning

– Adequacy of the risk profile of the portfolio and client

Sociétés de gestion

Simplify, justify, map out your advice proposals.