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The current supply of funds is not only abundant but also very complex. Moreover, with the increasing uncertainty in the financial market, it is difficult to select the most appropriate funds for both asset and liability management.


EnvestBoard offers an end to end platform co-created with fund selectors and solution engineers. This platform helps you to achieve an advanced fund selection and robust portfolio construction with a fine risk vision allowing to make the right selection & management decisions. 


1. Fund selection and portfolio construction

– Select the best funds for your passive and active needs from over 150,000 funds in a few clicks

– Build your fund selections and/or portfolios with your scenarios to anticipate market movements. 

– Determine your next management actions with an in-depth view of the risks

Conseillers indépendants

Build and track your fund selections and portfolio in line with your process.

2. Explanation and tracking of your decisions

– Monitor the risk level of funds and portfolio

– Generate customized reports and share with your colleagues.

Sociétés de gestion

Automate your portfolio tracking and reporting.