Natixis IM launches an asset tracking offer

The Asset Studio platform has a broad reach and targets asset managers, private banks and institutional investors.

Natixis IM is launching a centralised digital platform for monitoring both “vanilla” and structured asset classes. Asset Studio embeds the contributions of seven fintechs in its solution, which offers to build portfolios or strategies and monitor them over time. Performance and risk indicators can be modelled using portfolio projection and dissemination engines. The platform provides access to an extensive library of funds – around 100,000 – to compare performance and screen them against indicators in a range of market scenarios. Hedging strategies, ESG reporting, easy viewing of key financial indicators for clients, portfolio optimisation according to the funding ratio… The expected related functionalities are present.

On the technical side, Asset Studio is based on a Natixis proprietary cloud to guarantee its security. “The platform is not intended to replace clients’ information systems because everything is in the cloud and the intuitive ergonomics allow for differentiation” explains Oumar Diawara, director of structuring and technology at Natixis IM Solutions.

Each profession has its own features

the real specificity of Asset Studio is the multiplicity of audiences it addresses: institutional investors, independent financial advisors (IFAs) or private bankers. Each is offered different functionalities: “The IFA has access to our white label solution” explains Aziz Diallo, deputy director of structuring and technology at Natixis IM Solutions. They can run simulations and propose personalised portfolios to their clients or use our model portfolios. Institutional clients will be looking to the modelling capabilities of complex products and multi-asset hedging strategies. Intermediaries will be able to offer their clients access to digital financial, ESG and climate reporting capabilities. The layout and compilation of this data can be tailored to the final expectations and constraints of the client. They will be implemented according to the investor’s own methodologies and processes: for example, the measurement of carbon impact can be done according to a “2 degree” portfolio trajectory.

“Thanks to this approach, we can adapt to our clients’ convictions rather than imposing a specific ESG approach,” says Aziz Diallo. “This is a key point when different approaches and beliefs coexist”.

Extra-financial data, which is less mature, can be “cleaned up” thanks to the fintech Weefin, which takes care of the aggregation: by industrialising this aspect, it makes it possible to cross-reference several sources of data so as not to rely on a single supplier.

A small downside: Asset Studio does not, like other platforms, have a view of client liabilities and therefore cannot be used for asset engineering purposes. This does not prevent Natixis IM from seeing far ahead for its product. After having tested Asset Studio on its clients, it will distribute its product on the European market and hopes to set up a global platform in a second phase.

Fintechs embedded in Asset Studio :

– NeoXam : ESG reporting and climat
– Weefin : aggregation of ESG data
– Heavenize : steering of financial management
– Alpima : strategy and portfolios construction
– Lexifi : management of complex products
– EnvestBoard : funds analysis
– AuthO : authentication and security


Source : agefiactifs