Asset management in the age of COVID

Driven by regulatory needs and accelerated by the health crisis, many behavioral changes can be noted among the French. 

The crisis has been an undeniable accelerator of digitalization for the IFAs, with clients convinced that the adoption of digital tools would facilitate communication and the management of their assets.

The ultimate mission of IFAs during Covid-19: to accompany, reassure clients and maintain business. Source : @cardif_fr

With a pandemic that has totally disrupted working habits, IFAs are aiming to strengthen and energise links with their clients as figures reveal that 43% of investors want to track their investments on their mobiles, 72% of investors want context to help them better understand and manage their investments and 29% of millennials are willing to switch if services are not up to scratch. *

* : source →  refinitiv-wealth-digital- April 2021

80% of investors believe that real-time data is a priority improvement in portfolio analysis.

Investors mainly intend to use these digital tools to easily visualise the investment products and offers proposed by their advisors, to have a synthetic view of their portfolios and to help them understand the context of their savings. The objective of this digitalisation is to accompany the client in their investment choices by giving them the keys to understanding their specific context, thus providing a personalised client experience.

Easing collaboration and exchange between clients and their advisors on a digital platform is important to them. In order to ensure a good user experience the customer will need a platform with a pleasant design and a simple path to find the right information quickly at the right time. This is a key point for investors who are looking for access to information and explanations in the context of their investments to help them make their choices.

The crisis has accentuated the positive image of the mission of the IFA by probably playing the role of revealing the quality of their accompaniment which only presents more advantages if digitised.

Through our platform, the IFA is supported in all its advisory activities.

EnvestBoard supports asset managers with its analysis and understanding tool to meet their current needs in order to adapt to a changing market.

EnvestBoard is a platform dedicated to investment funds. Through a unique technology, IFAs can strengthen their fund selection and portfolio construction, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, while facilitating advice to their clients with comprehensive arguments and a unique digital experience.

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